Department of Automobile Engineering

This new branch in the U.G is ushered in as an adjuvant to Mechanical Engineering. As we have already been fully equipped and well-versed in the area of Mechanical Labs, the newly stared branch is going to function with dexterity and ease. All types of engines and other equipments like fuel injection devices etc. make the department full-fledged and project it as the real platform for the student-aspirant who opts for Automobile Engineering branch. It is conspicuous that most of the multi-national automobile manufacturers like Ford, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagon and Skoda flood to start their factories in Tamilnadu. This scenario provides ample scope for the automobile engineering graduate job seekers. The graduate of this branch may aspire to be successful entrepreneurs and employers of the future.

Provision of Labs:

  • Automotive Components Lab
  • Engines Lab
  • Automotive electrical and electronics Lab
  • Automotive fuel and lubricants Lab
  • Vehicles maintenance and reconditioning Lab